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Embark on the Pine Moon Journey: Crafting Purpose, Inspired by Nature

In 2020, amid the enchanting surroundings of Great Superior Lake, Pine Moon was born. A vision sparked by towering pines, we pledged to craft purposeful offerings, inspired by nature’s beauty, to illuminate the inner light.

Today, Pine Moon thrives, offering handcrafted treasures at local markets and online. The year 2023 marked our intentional rebrand, refining our commitment to craftsmanship and spirituality. As we eagerly anticipate the next stage, Pine Moon invites you to join our evolving narrative, where each creation is a testament to the timeless dance between nature and the human spirit.



Meet Nicole

The Artisan Behind Pine Moon: A Journey into Essence and Creation

Nicole, the visionary creator and owner of Pine Moon, is a soul deeply intertwined with the art of crafting and the essence of nature and deeply entwined with the art of crafting and the celestial allure of the moon. Raised beneath the expansive Alberta night sky, her childhood was a symphony of creativity, where the whispering pines served as both sanctuary and muse.

The shift to Northern Ontario ignited Nicole’s passion for handmade items, a journey that seamlessly blended her love for nature and the desire to craft purposeful offerings. Her spiritual evolution, rooted in the profound quest of “knowing thyself,” threads through every creation, inviting others to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Inspired by nature’s beauty and the mysteries of the esoteric, Nicole finds fulfillment in witnessing the inner light of her community shine through each Pine Moon creation. Her commitment to the collective extends beyond crafting; it’s a lifelong mission ingrained since childhood.

Nicole’s expansive journey includes the study of divination, the esoteric, and energy healing. As a certified Reiki Master (USUI/HOLY FIRE® III REIKI MASTER), she brings healing energies into every creation, infusing Pine Moon’s offerings with a touch of spiritual resonance.

For Nicole, Pine Moon is not just a brand; it’s a manifestation of her connection to the natural world, her spiritual exploration, and a dedication to uplifting the collective spirit. Join her on this enchanting journey, where each handmade treasure reflects the harmony between nature, spirituality, and the inner light that resides within us all.

Only the Best

Intentionally Sourced for Your Essence

Pine Moon’s commitment to excellence extends to the intentional sourcing of jewels and materials for our collections. Each item is chosen for its resonance, harmonizing with the natural world and Pine Moon’s essence. Before reaching you, our items undergo a meticulous cleansing process, ensuring pure, positive energy. Crafted with intention, every creation becomes a vessel of purpose and mindfulness. Embrace Pine Moon’s curated experience, where our jewels and materials are thoughtfully selected, energetically cleansed, and crafted to enhance your connection with nature and inner essence.

Crafted with Care: Your Pine Moon Experience

 At Pine Moon, every item is meticulously designed and handmade in our studio, ensuring a touch of craftsmanship in every creation. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the charm of an in-person experience, our offerings are available to suit your preferences.

Local Love: For our beloved community in Sault Ste. Marie, enjoy free local delivery for orders over $60. We’re dedicated to making your Pine Moon experience seamless and delightful. For orders under $60, relish the convenience of a $5 delivery fee.

Curated Collections: Our items are not just products; they’re part of thoughtfully curated collections. We release them in planned drops, each unveiling a new chapter in the Pine Moon story. Stay tuned for these carefully orchestrated releases, where every creation carries the essence of its collection.

Pine Moon invites you to explore the beauty of handmade treasures, designed and crafted with care in our studio. Whether you’re browsing online or experiencing the creations in person, we’re here to make your journey with Pine Moon exceptional.

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At Pine Moon, crafting custom treasures isn’t just a service; it’s an honor. We invite you to immerse yourself in a bespoke experience, where every piece is thoughtfully created to resonate with your unique spirit. Let us weave intention into your vision, transforming your desires into cherished, handmade realities.

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