Sunset Ephemeris


Sunset Ephemeris Collection: Embrace Celestial Comfort

Dive into the enchanting world of celestial bliss with our exclusive Sunset Ephemeris Collection. Each carefully curated piece is a cosmic celebration, blending the warmth of retro sunset hues with the timeless allure of astrology. Select your specific zodiac sign and let your celestial companion be a reflection of your unique cosmic energy.


What We Offer

Mug of Cosmic Comfort (15 oz):

Sip your favorite brew in style with our custom 15 oz mug featuring a beautifully crafted astrological sign. Whether you’re a passionate Aries or a dreamy Pisces, your celestial companion awaits.

Tarot Bag with Astrological Charms:

 Carry your essentials in celestial elegance. Our custom tarot bag, adorned with delicate astrological charms, is a statement piece that merges fashion with cosmic inspiration.

Zodiac Bookmark:

Lose yourself in the pages of your favorite book with our exquisite Zodiac Bookmark. Each bookmark is a nod to the stars, inviting you to explore the depths of literature with a touch of celestial magic.

Zodiac Coaster:

Elevate your space with our matching coaster, a celestial touch for your favorite beverages. Each coaster is a miniature masterpiece, bringing the energy of the cosmos to your daily rituals.

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Unveil Your Celestial Side

Limited Edition, Timeless Appeal: The Sunset Ephemeris Collection is a limited edition offering, merging retro vibes with celestial charm. Embrace the timeless allure of astrology and make every moment cosmic.

Perfect Gifts for the Celestial Souls: Whether treating yourself or surprising a kindred spirit, the Sunset Ephemeris Collection makes for a stellar gift. Illuminate someone’s world with the magic of the stars.

Explore the Cosmos, Embrace the Comfort: Immerse yourself in the Sunset Ephemeris Collection and discover the cosmic comfort that awaits. Embrace the celestial energy and make every day a journey through the stars.

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